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Veganism: An Idea Whose Time has Come

Millions of people across the country are standing up for animals, their own health, and the environment by adopting a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.

That simple choice has powerful consequences.

It saves animals from slaughterhouses, reduces pollution, and saves human lives.

It’s that simple.

Now is the time for you to make the decision to live a life that reflects your values of compassion, nonviolence, kindness, and empathy. Now is the time to take responsibility for your own health and for the health of our planet.

Now is the time to choose a vegan lifestyle. It is a simple choice.

A popular author wrote, "I propose that we begin looking around us for evidence of ideas whose time has come."

We have seen it in the past with the abolition of slavery, the voting rights of women, and with racial integration. These ideas became a reality because a handful of people stood strong, against all odds, and changed the world because its time had come - and there was no stopping it.

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